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1. What are the different age groups and weight limits for each team?

There are NO weight limit restrictions for any team.  The Knights football program incorporates the following grade based (age protected) team matrix:

Grade Max       Age Range            Protected Age       Protected Age Explanation 
 3rd 7/8/9 9  9 in 3rd grade cannot turn 10 on or before 12/31
 4th 8/9/10 10 10 in 4th grade cannot turn 11 on or before 12/31
 5th 9/10/11 11 11 in 5th grade cannot turn 12 on or before 12/31
 6th 10/11/12 12 12 in 6th grade cannot turn 13 on or before 12/31
 7th 11/12/13 13 13 in 7th grade cannot turn 14 on or before 12/31
 8th 12/13/14 14 14 in 8th grade cannot turn 15 on or before 12/31

Grades can be combined

2. How many games are in a season?

The number of games varies depending on the year. Players can expect to participate in at least 8-10 games in a season.

3. When and where are the games played?

All home games will be played on Clem Lemire. All away games will be played at our opponents respective home fields. All games will follow the same game time schedule unless otherwise noted.

4. How long are the games?

Games are generally two hours long. Players should be present 1 hour prior to kick-off in order to check in. Each game consists of four 18 minute running time quarters.

5. When and where are practices held?

Unless otherwise noted, all practices will be held at the home field, Clem Lemire.

6. How do I find out if a game or practice is changed or cancelled?

The coaching staff will communicate any changes to the schedule. In addition, changes will be posted on the announcement section of the team website when possible. 

7. How are positions and playing time determined?

Each team's coaching staff will assess each player and determine which position suits that player best. The head coach has the final say when it comes to position and playing time. It is possible for a player's position to change mid-season for a variety of reasons.

8. How much playing time will my child get during the games?

The Newington Knights and SYFC by-laws mandate that all players must participate in at least seven plays per game which includes offense, defense, and special teams. Playing time is often affected by a player's work ethic and participation level during practices, scrimmages, and games.

9. What is the practice attendance policy? What happens if my child misses practice?

Coaches will expect each child to attend and participate in every practice and game. Practice time is extremely valuable and is used to develop each player's skills as well as prepare the team for the upcoming opponent. If a player must miss a practice or game, a coach or team manager must be notified either by phone or email before practice begins. Limited excused absences are acceptable and will be allowed, however excessive absences may result in loss of playing time due to lack of participation. Unexcused absences may result in immediate loss of playing time.

10. My child participates in additional activities during the football season. How will this affect my child's chances of playing?

It is extremely difficult for a child to participate at a high level in football if he or she is involved in multiple activities during football season, therefore it is not recommended. Coaches will follow the guidelines for missed practices mentioned above.

11. What does my child need in order to participate in football?

See “Football Equipment” under Parent Info for more information on equipment requirements.

12. What does my child need to wear to practice?

Practice attire will be determined by the coaches. In general, players will be required to wear all of their protective gear, cleats and a practice jersey to each practice. 

13. What information is available for Flag Football?

Flag football is open to our youngest Knights, 5 through 7 years old. It is a 6 week program designed to introduce players to the beginning fundamentals of football.  Players will learn offensive & defensive positions, along with blocking, passing and catching techniques. They learn to be part of a team and, most importantly, how to have fun with this great sport!

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